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Sessions:  $90

A session will last from one to three hours, depending on the issue.  The session fee remains the same, regardless of length of time.  

Team Sessions:  $120
If the circumstance benefits you, I also work as a team with practitioner, Jacqueline Lloyd, of Quantum Field Healing. The goal is to provide you with the most powerful healing opportunities possible.  

Please call or email if you have any questions
or if you'd like an appointment:

Sharon Whyte
Certified Tai Yi Practitioner, Level 8.15
(760) 505-3861


About Sharon:

I grew up with an intense love for animals, always wanting to assist them, which resulted in getting a B.A. in Biology from U.C.S.D.  However, science classes always left me wanting more - how do things work on a deeper level and why don't we consider our thoughts and emotions in Western medicine?  

Later on, I had physical issues that doctors could not figure out. They put me on heavy medication, which addressed the symptoms to a degree, but only made me feel weaker.  

One day, my mother took me to a Japanese doctor who spoke no English.  He found and treated my issues without any medication.  He also worked on me to help strengthen my body and even change physical weaknesses I had.  I healed.  

Tai Yi encompasses this type of healing.  It is said that a good Chinese doctor has no clients - because he/she keeps them healthy.  

I want this same type of healing to be available to ones who ask for it.  And I am committed to do my best to offer the highest quality healing possible, using Tai Yi.

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