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History of Tai Yi

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Life Energy Flow Tai Yi School of Healing
By Hossca Harrison

Life Energy Flow is the western name used for the ancient form of healing called Tai Yi.  Tai Yi can have many different meanings depending on the use of the words.  In reference to Life Energy Flow Tai Yi the meaning is Supreme Movement.  Supreme Movement also means Supreme Health.

Tai Yi predates acupuncture by several thousand years in the history of China.  Although Tai Yi or Supreme Movement comes from much earlier times beyond the civilization of China, it is the Chinese history I shall discuss.

Tai Yi is a healing principle using all meridians from all bodies. Acupuncture is a result of the ancient Tai Yi practice.  Documents discovered some years ago in the Mawangdui tomb in China, which was sealed in 198 BCE, contain no reference to acupuncture as such, but does refer to a system of meridians very different from the current use of meridians used in acupuncture.  This is typical of Tai Yi.

Over time Tai Yi became localized and was used in the mountainous area of northwest China, west of the Min River, near the border of Tibet, in Szechuan by an ancient people called the Chiang Tribe.  This ancient tribe is one of the "lost" tribes of Israel.  During the last two thousand years their traditions have adopted some of the Chinese traditions, but for the most part continue with the ancient traditions of the tribes of Israel.  According to their traditions the Chiang Tribe is a direct descendant of Abraham.  It was from this connection the Chiang Tribe carried Tai Yi to the Middle East two thousand years ago.

Those who are studying Tai Yi from me or read my book “Tide of Change”, are aware of my involvement in teaching Tai Yi during the Essene time period two thousand years ago.
It is from this connection I was again taught Tai Yi by the same elder Tai Yi master who also existed in the Essenes and was of Chinese descent.  It was his desire I master Tai Yi and set up a school to teach Tai Yi so this form of healing may continue again.

Tai Yi has all encompassing healing treatments with over 4,000 grid systems (exercises) to work with the meridians on every body of the twelve bodies humans have.  This is why Tai Yi works so well not just as a physical healing tool, but also mental, emotional and spiritual healing tool.

Tai Yi died out centuries ago in Europe, descendants from the students I taught during the Essenes.  Human nature seems to want to alter or change something of ancient value to put their ego personality into it.  This was done to Tai Yi.  Ones would begin to put their own ego into Tai Yi and alter its method thus causing Tai Yi to lose its value as a healing practice.
What I teach my students today are three points which must be met for Tai Yi to be successful.
  1. All the points of the grid system must be accurate and placed in order by the Tai Yi practitioner.
  2. The Tai Yi practitioner must send full universal energy into the client.
  3. The client must be willing to accept the energy.
According to my Tai Yi teacher who lived in China I am the only one now teaching Tai Yi.  I have instituted many safeguards keeping Tai Yi pure.  Even the safeguards I have instituted will not keep the determined fraudulent personalities from claiming to be a student of mine, or simply using bits and pieces of Tai Yi which will not work or can create harm when not used in its correct grid design.

I have recently set up a level system for my students.  This is a similar system used in the practice of martial arts.  The level system starts at 1.1 and goes to 12.12.  Before anyone can teach Tai Yi they must have reached a level of 12.12.  This means they have mastered in totality the energy, philosophy, and full practice of Tai Yi.

As my teacher was with me, I am with my students in terms of being on the conservative side of testing the level of their Tai Yi ability.  I consider anyone of my students with a level ability of 5.0 or above to be of excellent ability, and have the authorization of Life Energy Flow Tai Yi School of Healing to set up their own practice as a certified Tai Yi practitioner. 

Life Energy Flow Tai Yi School of Healing is the only school teaching and certifying Tai Yi Practitioners.

Hossca Harrison is my teacher. 
For more information, visit his website at:

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