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How To Prepare for a Tai Yi Treatment

Allow your intent to be a healing for yourself, not because someone else told you to do so.  Take the time to talk with the practitioner about your issue and what exercise would be best for you to receive.

Wear loose clothing.  There is no need to disrobe for a Tai Yi session.  You will need to remove all jewelry, belt buckles, and shoes. 

When the practitioner chooses a Tai Yi exercise for you, he/she will place pressure points with their middle finger on different locations on the body.  This is done on top of the clothing.  Do not wear heavy clothing, something like a sweat suit would be perfect.  Depending on the exercise, there may be anywhere from twenty to eighty points on the front and back of the body.  Each pressure point will be about one pound of pressure.  These points are not painful.

The practitioner will then begin sending energy into the body with their fingers, thumbs, and or palms.  You may feel a current of energy moving through the body.  If Wave Energy is used, you may feel a deep sensation of the body moving. 

During this time depending on the exercise chosen, you may begin to feel and or see issues you may not have been aware of.  You may even have visions of past life or childhood traumas long forgotten from this life.If you are having an exercise for pain in your body you may feel intense heat developing in that area, or another area of the body if the pain is unconsciously connected to the different area.  Allow yourself to flow with the energy. 

Three points are needed for the exercise to fully work.  The first two points are expected from the practitioner that is certified and has a certificate from the school as a student of Advanced Tai Yi Studies.  Be cautious if the practitioner does not have a certificate in their place of business, they may not be an Advanced Tai Yi practitioner.  The third point is your receptivity.  You must be willing to accept the flow of Universal Energy. 

Sometimes there can be stagnation in certain points coming from unconscious resistance to healing.  Ask the practitioner if he or she feels stagnation in certain points.  If they do, then allow yourself to fully relax and feel energy moving into that point.

• All the points of the grid system must be accurate and placed in order
  by the Tai Yi practitioner.

• The Tai Yi practitioner must send full universal energy into the client.

• The client must be willing to accept the energy.

When your session is done drink plenty of water.  Refrain from eating heavy meals or sweets for the next several days.  Also, do not plan any form of acupressure, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage or any other form of body work for at least three days, or even up to seven days depending on the depth of the exercise you just received.  These forms of healing will interfere with the grid system you just received.  This includes not receiving any other Tai Yi treatments within this same time, with the exception of multiple part Tai Yi treatments.  When the pressure points are interfered with the exercise stops working.  Allow the Tai Yi exercise to continue to work.  For at least the next several days the energy will continue moving deeper into your bodies, moving into the core of your issue allowing healing to occur.

Spend the next several days being kind to yourself.  Remember this is your time to heal, make it count.

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