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Frequently Asked Questions
Can you describe it?  Tai Yi is an ancient Chinese healing art that pre-dates acupuncture and assists in healing by bringing balance to the meridians.  There are treatments for depression, ADHD, diabetes, addiction, immune system boosters – just about any issue you can think of. 

One who has mastered Tai Yi can look at the body, see what's going on, and diagnose and treat the issue(s).  One seeking to heal the issue must take responsibility for it.  Meaning, you need to be willing to look at yourself, honestly, and without judgment, to heal.  This can mean working with the belief or emotion that created the issue. 

How does it work with beliefs/emotions?  Thoughts and emotions can effect the physical body.  Let's say you have a belief, "I'm not good at anything." As you think this, the meridian that feeds it gets bigger - until you create an imbalance in your body.  You have too much energy in one part of the body, and not enough energy in another part.  This can turn into disease.  Tai Yi re-directs the energy flow, in a very precise way, so that the starving area receives more energy and the area with too much energy stops hogging all of it.  This helps to create balance. 

How will I feel after a treatment?  It depends on the treatment.  If it's a treatment that builds up the body, you will feel better, sometimes like a weight has been lifted, or you may have more energy - there can be many different positive responses.  If it's a treatment that clears out toxins, then you may feel worse before feeling better as the toxins leave the body.  It is important to drink a lot of water after receiving Tai Yi to assist in removing toxins and help make the toxin release more comfortable. 

"The field is the sole governing agency of the particle."
- Albert Einstein

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